Date published:
November 12, 2020

Lifecare presents scientific update at the annual Diabetes Technology Meeting

Lifecare will present its Sencell Glucose Sensor development status at this year’s annual Diabetes Technology Meeting of the Diabetes Technology Society in SanFrancisco November 12th-14th, and November 19th.

Lifecare CSO Prof. Andreas Pfützner will present “Use of the Sencell Osmotic Pressure-Based Glucose Sensor in a Standard NeedleSensor Environment”. The presentation is a result of Lifecares successful achievements to miniaturize the Sencell Glucose Sensor to a point where it is already smaller than the initial target size. When put into a hypodermic needle, the core sensing element can be used similar to currently existing subcutaneous needle sensors with the advantage of a prolonged usage time. 


"This invitation allows Lifecare to present and discuss the unique nano technology-driven Sencell development with leading international scientists in the field of diabetes technology." says Lifecare CSOProf. Andreas Pfützner.  


“We are making progress with our Sencell technology and are very happy to announce the potential using our core sensing element integrated in a hypodermic needle.This positions Lifecare with additional product opportunities based on our sensor technology”, says Lifecare CEO Joacim Holter.


TheDiabetes Technology Meeting is a leading international diabetes technology conference headed by Prof. David Klonoff, who is also the Chairman ofLifecare's scientific advisory board. In addition, members of Lifecare's scientific advisory board Prof. Lutz Heinemann and Prof. Kåre Birkeland are presenting at the conference November 12th-14th, representing other institutions. 


Lifecare(LIFE-ME) is a Bergen-based technology company developing a miniature sensor for correct and continuous monitoring of diabetics’ blood sugar. Its patented technology is also used as a central component in a rapid test for Covid-19 andas a measurement unit for reading out different biomarkers.


For more information, please contact:

Joacim Holter

CEO, Lifecare

+47 40 05 90 40

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