Share Option Program

April 1, 2019

On the basis of the approval by the Extraordinary General Meeting on February 6th 2019, to authorize the Board of Lifecare AS to issue 8 092 500 new shares to management under a long-term incentive program, the Board has resolved to issue options to management of the Company.

A total of 4 910 032 options for shares of the Company were distributed amongst the management. Each option, when exercised, will give the right to acquire one share in the Company. The options are granted without consideration. Pursuant to the vesting schedule, 100% of the options will vest 01.04.2020 (as long as the option holder is still have an active consultant contract). The exercise price is equal NOK 1,70 per share. The options that have not been exercised will lapse 01.04.2022.

Primary insiders in Lifecare AS have received the following options grants, according to the terms described above:

  • Chief Operation Officer, Rune Frisvold has been granted 1 385 105 share options. Following the grant, he holds 732 713 shares and 2 427 750 options in the Company.
  • Chief Scientific Officer, Andreas Pfützner has been granted 3 524 927 share options. Following the grant, he holds 590 625 shares and 4 046 250 options in the Company.

As of April 1st 2019, the total number of outstanding shares in Lifecare AS is 80 925 000.